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If you’re wondering how to get a private jet, it’s as easy as going to the Charter Jet Airlines website and picking your destination as well as travel dates. All you need to do next is to click the “Book” button to submit and we’ll take care of the rest!

Aside from offering a simple way to book private jets, we also provide a more accessible way for people to travel on an executive jet. Gone are the days that you need to be a millionaire or a VIP to afford it. Flying on a private aircraft isn’t just reserved for the ultra-rich and famous anymore especially with Charter Jet Airlines’ reasonable flight per hour rates.

Book Private Jet Packages

Make sure your next trip is your most memorable yet with Charter Jet Airlines’ private jet packages! Our custom packages will transform the way you travel to another level. Feel free to pick from numerous destinations—whether you want a romantic beach island to escape to or a modern, bustling city to explore.

With our private jet packages, you’ll have your itinerary designed for you while providing you with the opportunity to discover new things that aren’t available on standard routes. We can also provide you access to top-notch accommodation and exclusive in-flight amenities so you can have your most unforgettable and unique trip to date.

Read on below for more examples on where to use our packages!

Private Jet in Europe

Want to fly via private jet to Europe? Make sure to hire Charter Jet Airlines on your next trip! As one of the leading private jet charter companies worldwide, we offer private charter flights to numerous locations within Europe at accessible rates. Some of our most popular destinations are UK, Russia, and Germany, to name just a few.

Flying with Pets

Traveling and flying with your pets is possible when you fly with us. Save your beloved pets from a traumatic experience of traveling a hot and cramped space. We’ll ensure that both you and your pets are comfortable in-flight and safe throughout the duration of the whole journey!

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Air Ambulance

An air ambulance private jet service provides a fast and safe way to travel for those in need. Should you or a loved one require extra care while flying, our air charter services are perfect for you. Not only do have a wide range of aircraft suitable for different types of medical situations, but our staff is also experienced in transporting injured or sick people.

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