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Charter Jet Airlines proudly brings you a comfortable and convenient way to fly all around the world at competitive rates!

Our Private Jet Charter Services

For Business

Making money has never been so cool! Charter Jet Airlines is well-equipped to assist you when you’re traveling for business. Our private jets fly over various airports and countries in the U.S. and Europe with a dynamic fleet and the largest selection of private charter flights.


Private Jet Flights
Private jet plane rental

For Leisure

Have fun in the best way possible! Our private charter jets are perfect for leisure purposes whether with your friends or family. With our charter flight, you can choose to travel with your loved ones in luxury, comfort, and style. Whether it’s a short trip for a weekend’s ski outing or a two-week holiday at the Caribbeans or a weekend trip to Las Vegas, we make sure that you and your loved ones enjoy the flight and arrive safely at your destination.


For Emergency and Others

We offer support in times of need! We offer air ambulance services, freight forwarding as well as personnel and cargo solutions, to name just a few. With clients from both the government and private sectors, we can provide you the best emergency private plane charter, the industry has to offer.


Private Ambulance Jet

Private Charter Plane Performance and Specifications

Private, convenient, and secure

Whether you’re traveling for leisure or business, we ensure your privacy and security as you fly to your desired destination. Our charter airlines ensure the safest and most comfortable flights.

Experienced, professional crew

Our qualified and competent crew are here to make your flight as smooth as possible so you get a pleasurable flying experience! Choosing a private charter plane rental has never been cooler.

Private Aircraft

Your comfort and safety comes first

Make your next destination your best yet with a safe, pleasant charter plane experience that you won’t forget anytime soon! Choosing our private airlines means choosing the best.

Inflight Meals and WiFi

Eat well and be entertained on your air charter service. You can choose your own meal and choose from the different entertainment options as you fly to your destination!

Get Access To More Than 15,000 Aircrafts To Fit Your Needs

Choose from our comprehensive fleet options and get an efficient traveling experience to help you do more!

Why choose us?

Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

Find great deals to different destinations Worldwide at the best price you could Ever find!

Easy and Fast Booking

Easy and Fast Booking

Simple enter your destination details And click submit to book your trip!

Responsive 24/7 Customer Support

Responsive 24/7 Customer Support

Get standout service and special deals when you call our customer support +1 877-730-001

Travel Protection Insurance

Travel Protection Insurance

We offer travel protection insurance for trip cancellation and also a health and accident coverage.

Experienced Crew

Experienced Crew

When you book with Charter Jet Airlines, you are guaranteed to have operators that are certified with ARGUS, Wyvern Wingman standard. Our commitment to aviation safety is our top priority.

Advanced Technology Powering

Advanced Technology Powering

Instant flight quotes and empty leg availability alerts for clients. You can subscribe to receive only the preferred routes to fly in real time.

Charter Jet Airlines is one of the most trusted private jet charter services in the world. If you’re a believer in exceptional service, our experienced crew is here to assist you and help you throughout your journey.

Rent a charter plane with us and fly with the most luxurious and accessible private jets.

We’re known for our utmost professionalism and have made it our mission to redefine luxury by offering privacy, safety, and reliability at competitive prices. Other USA-based private jet charter rental services can’t match us.

Whether you’re flying for business or going on a vacation, a private charter jet is definitely the best way to get to your destination—the fun and luxurious way!

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Our Guarantee-The Best Price and Safety

The most important thing for us is to make sure that you get a comfortable and safe journey. Our safety measures are one of the best in the industry. In terms of prices, expect competitive quotes from different aircraft operators all over the world.

Call us at +1 877 730 0111 or click the link below to book your next private charter jet and Plane!